Functional Jazz Guitar

Functional Jazz Guitar

Learn the skills needed for playing in a jazz group with this fun 255-page method. Practice specific cadence and blues comps; guide-tone and bass lines; rhythms, voicings, and licks in major and minor, in all 12 keys—with 185 pages of inter-related sound files. Print and e-book formats available.

FJG is designed for all the students Ed has had who have practiced chord scales and done the usual stuff in their back room—but still don't know how to get out and function in a jam. What they had learned (chord scales) didn't prepare them for what to actually play in performance. This book does—without scales or theory.

Its focus is on specific accompaniment chords and rhythms on the basic major and minor cadences and 12-bar blues—with specific voicings, rhythms, and melodic licks to go with them. It also covers Diatonic Modal Planing of triads and Voicings in 4ths.

Everything in the book is interchangeable. Mix and match the chapters. For example, after you learn the guide tone line in all keys, you can go to the comping chapter of the same cadences and play one with the other.

This book is both effective and fun. Practice by yourself, or with any combination of other players on any instruments, with each person on a different part from the book at the same time.

Rather than offer theoretical explanations, FJG focuses on practical skills, supplying specific comping rhythms to use over a supplied paradigm walking bass line, rhythms, and other specific solutions to learn in all keys on the basic cadences major and minor; the 12-bar blues, funk, diatonic planing though the modes in all keys--in the various rhythmic feels.

Practice with 9 separate sound files. Major and minor blues bass lines, for example, are written out in all keys to be learned first as such and then played with the comping chapter.

The entire book is self-explanatory: Just learn it with the sound files, and you are ready to play in a group. It is both efficient and artful. FJG addresses the various roles of the jazz guitarist, unified in FJG to focus on the same essential forms. All of the accompaniment material is comprised of what you learned earlier in the book and is cumulative in nature.

Ed has taught jazz guitar throughout his entire career, and he has performed with and written for many of the greatest jazz guitarists.

Here’s a sample of what pro guitarists say about Ed:

Dom Minasi: For someone who has been teaching jazz guitar for over forty years, it’s great to finally have a book I can use. Ed Byrne’s Functional Jazz Guitar book is a great way to help students realize their full potential.

Freddie Bryant: Ed Byrne taught me virtually everything I know about composition, and he encouraged and inspired me with his dedication and love of music.

Vic Juris: Ed’s Information is as good as it gets anywhere!

Heshima Moja (bass guitarist): Ed Byrne is a phenomenal arranger/composer and innovative leader. It would be a privilege for any artist to work with him or hire him.

Dr. Jonny Johansson (9-string guitarist): Linear Jazz Improvisation Method by Ed Byrne constitutes a monumental development in jazz pedagogy.


Product Details:

Available in both convenient e-book format and spiral-bound hard copy.

Clear, concise text

Comes with 9 Great Sound Files!

255 pages

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Book Contents:

  • Jazz thinking (Practical Essays)
  • Guide-tone lines
  • Cadences
  • Blues comping
  • Bossa comping
  • Bass Lines
  • Linear melodic solutions
  • Diatonic modal planing Improvisation advice
  • 255 pages
  • 9 Free Sound Files


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