Learn to improvise like the pros

Charlie Parker. Louis Armstrong. Art Tatum. Pat Metheny. What do these and other jazz greats have in common? Talent, of course. A passion for the music. But most of all, an unparalleled ability to improvise. In every performance, on every recording, it’s that ability—to take a simple melody and transform it into something new, something alive—that makes jazz, well, jazz.

Are you committed to playing jazz? Do you wish you could rev up your own improvisation skills and take your music further? Now you can—with Linear Jazz Improvisation. Created by Grammy Award nominee Dr. Ed Byrne, one of the jazz scene’s most highly regarded musicians and educators, Linear Jazz Improvisation is unlike any other program available today. It’s comprehensive. It’s systematic. And it gets you playing jazz the way it was meant to be played—right from the start!

Ed Byrne taught me virtually everything I know about composition, and he encouraged and inspired me with his dedication and love of music.

Freddie Bryant, guitarist

Play the music, not the theory

What’s the secret? Simple. Good jazz improvisation is not about chords and scales. It’s about the music. When you hook into the melody and rhythm of a piece, you begin to hear the organic potential of the composition. Ideas for improvisation practically suggest themselves—and your playing becomes more meaningful, and more satisfying.

See results within weeks

Let’s face it. When the sounds you’re making with your instrument sound like actual music, you’ll want to practice more. And when you have a system that easily leads you step by step toward your goals, you’ll stick with it longer. That’s why most people who try Linear Jazz Improvisation see almost immediate results. And why they just keep getting better and better.

Customize to fit your needs

  • Linear Jazz Improvisation works for any instrument.
  • Apply Linear Jazz Improvisation to any musical style.
  • Start at any skill level, from amateur to professional.
  • Work at your own pace, in the comfort of your home.
  • Choose from two ways to learn—use the books or sign up for one-on-one lessons!

Start now

The great Joe Henderson used to say, “I don’t want to sound like the index of a book.” If you agree—and who wouldn’t?—then don’t wait. Order Linear Jazz Improvisation today!